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How My Husband Found Out He is White

My husband tells a story about the moment he realized he is white. It happened on the first day he arrived to America at the JFK Airport in New York. He tells the story in a sort of a funny/serious way trying to say that there is some luck in the unlucky immigrant situation we find ourselves in. “At least we are white”, he says when the refugee crisis becomes a topic of the social media sites and hateful people come out saying that refugees should go back to where they came from. 

Collective Guilt of American Muslims

Guilt in psychology is defined as a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes or realizes—accurately or not—that he or she has compromised his or her own standards of conduct or has violated a moral standard and bears significant responsibility for that violation. It is closely related to the concept of remors

Ramdan Mubarak to Humanity

There is something mysterious that surrounds the month of Ramadan. There is this anticipation of the body cleansing and the hunger. There is an understanding that our souls are trying to get closer to the elusive Superior Being and seek forgiveness for the life which comes after our bodies are no longer alive.

Plasticity of Me

Our plasticity lies in our ability to recognize that our varied interests are not a weakness or the lack of focus, but rather a unique ability to dissect the world in its multiple, multi-colored and beautiful parts, all independent in each other, yet fitting like puzzle pieces to create a bigger picture

American Village

Families do not live in close-nit communities anymore. There are no more aunts, friends, grandmothers who can take care of the sick babies or pick up slack when a mother or a father is feeling under the weather. Villages do not raise children anymore.