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Human Machine

THEY lead  - deaf

WE follow – blind

our destiny awaits

mythical-spiritual mirror paints

image of destitute, shrunken fortitude

mechanical-microcosmic-masculine attitude


Connected with electrical spinal cords

human providence and empty words

this scaled brain, this neuron pain

this computerized incendiary gain

disembodied we crane our necks

to feel

to heal

to become

demagogical – logical human shell.


We connect to this Earth

network of mechanical-technical bonds

our pride overlooks artificial gangs

announcing memories failed to materialize

memorize, hypnotize, recognize

that Earth doesn’t need creations

upon which we duplicate seed

of our  destruction

and we bleed.


Tele-Phone, vision, commute

Tele-pathic words pollute

with organisms distance grows

no bridges, no planks to walk

to follow reaps what we sow

symptoms increase,

no one bonds our destiny

to what we know

we contrive and

we die

political machine, forever strong


We need stars to glow!


We need warmth to flow!


No more!

Don't Forget Srebrenica  (Justice Doesn't Exist)

Don't Forget Srebrenica (Justice Doesn't Exist)