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Don't Forget Srebrenica (Justice Doesn't Exist)

Forever, it remains true, that humans carry impenetrable armor that prevents pleading and goodness to soften the tissue beneath when the monster awakens. And justice is an illusion stuck on the peak we are trying to climb. And we rise, and we slip, and we slide down its slopes. It's unreachable. It's a painkiller that masks the symptoms. We are told it exists, but the cure never enters our veins, because loss remains embedded in the bones that do not let chemicals touch the marrow center.

My Fingerprints You Say?

As I stepped into the USCIS office, a picture of not-so-amused President Trump was waiting for me. I’ve been to immigration offices before and depending on who the president was at the time I have seen photos of the current Commanders-in-Chief once or twice, and the pictures always showed a smiling president (Bush or Obama or Clinton). Well, not this time.

Where are the People?

I wonder, what does belongs to us? What can we take from this life and from the chance given to us at birth to hold, to keep, to call our own? Can we claim towns, call them our home? Can we claim churches and God given to us at birth?  Can we claim the sky above or the trees in our backyards?

Embarrassing Moments of Life

I do wonder, how come these memories are often the most vivid ones. I wish I could remember my babies' smiles when they were little as vividly as I remember my childhood embarrassing moments.
If I could invent something, I would create a pill that would erase the sinking feeling beneath the surface during these moments of extreme vulnerability.

There is This School

There is this school, a large yellow Titanic in the middle of a town. It was a church school once. Now it’s cracked in half. One-half of this school a witness to bold creatures traveling its painted walls, painted with hope, painted with mischief, and a notion that they were meant to do something different.

An American Tail

After last week’s and this week’s events, it is safe to say that there are definitely cats in America. Ordinary Fievels like me are no longer convinced that the cats are only in our war-torn countries. However, I still believe that that American heroes are fighting against the injustice every day and that the bad cats will definitely end up in a pound.

Bear Encounters

Lately, my quaint New England town has seen a large number of black bears. Bears are popping up everywhere; bears in the yards; bears on the streets, decks. Soon the bears will be showing up for afternoon barbecues for burgers and beer.  A friend of mine even saw Mr. and Mrs. Bear getting-it-on on the side of the local highway. These bears have no shame!   

Keep Asking Questions

I am not closer to gaining any answers and my anxiety increases. No one tells you when you are young that being an adult is a perpetual exercise in worrying and wondering about what each next day is going to bring. No one tells you that relationships become more intricate and that there are no real answers, but more sub-plots, theories, and conjectures, which are, of course, very hard to prove or understand.

Truths or Opinions

If you want to form an opinion, be sure to turn the page and look at the other side. Come on, don't be afraid. A different opinion or an uncomfortable fact won't kill you. It may make you mad, but it will also make you think. Change your perspective, it is refreshing to do so. Changing perspectives of our children will lead to a change in the USA. How? We will wait and see.  

Are We The New Beats Generation

Democratic Party was the party that prior to 1968 supported segregation and the war in Vietnam. They supported slavery and only a small number of Democrats in congress supported passing of the 13th amendment that abolished slavery. Roots of the Democratic Party were not as open or liberal as they seem to be in 2016

Sarajevo-U2-19 Years Ago- It Was Real

To this day, I cannot believe that in only three years we moved from the sniper fire, shelling, death and hunger to a U2 concert, their POPMart tour. For me this was the first time that the world has come back to us. They arrived, the four of them, Bono, the Edge, Adam and Larry, bringing all that we yearned for, freedom, carelessness, release, life.

Trump and Media's Stanford Experiment

The line between neutrality and truth is blurred and we have started acknowledging hate talk as part of the freedom to express our views, in this case any views, even the murderous ones. We have become enablers in creating the environment, which helps shape peoples’ personalities, allowing them to draw on the dark, very alluring thoughts, that we alone are right, that we alone matter.