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Don't Forget Srebrenica (Justice Doesn't Exist)

Forever, it remains true, that humans carry impenetrable armor that prevents pleading and goodness to soften the tissue beneath when the monster awakens. And justice is an illusion stuck on the peak we are trying to climb. And we rise, and we slip, and we slide down its slopes. It's unreachable. It's a painkiller that masks the symptoms. We are told it exists, but the cure never enters our veins, because loss remains embedded in the bones that do not let chemicals touch the marrow center.

Bosnian Storyteller

Across from the Lincoln Center in New York City, in an old church-like building with wooden pews, cracked plaster ceiling towering over her and the soft lighting, Amira Medunjanin performed Bosnian traditional folk songs “sevdah” for a crowd of approximately 400 people on October 29th.